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Namaste.    I have put many things that you can practice at home on the onedrive yoga practice link below. Please look especially in the folder headed ’Practicing together March-April-May- June 2020'.


One Drive Yoga Practice


a six week mindfulness course     

I don't know if this will be of any value to you. I just want to help in anyway I can. It is my lastest mindfulness course from Autumn 2019. It certainly helped lots of people at the time and I hope it will help you through this rotten coronavirus period. It is a 6 week course. You could do it weekly by listening to one class a week and following that weeks instructions or you can just dip into bits or however you find it works for you. When you open up my 5 minute hello talk, it of course was meant for the people who booked onto the course last autumn, so won't mean much to you now, but I have left it on because it might give you a bit of helpful information. And because this course has been and gone,unfortunately, there won't be an email sharing group when you do this course at home but you can email me if you need any help or want to share anything                           

I will be adding new bits of practice most days. If you are having difficulty getting the link to work, please email me on saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk. The practice can help keep us strong and calm during this crisis. Please check out the website often for new information.


      This page will also be a 'sharing page'. if you would like to share anything relevant, please email me.

And please scroll down to the far end of this page to see the lovely photos being sent in.  




 Let us be protected together and let us be accepted together, let us not resent one another, but let us achieve strength together, and let our learning forever shine.........  and let's stay in touch with our caring sharing


  Sharing with each other...........           I Just wanted to say.....

 Ana wanted to share ....I am really fortunate and grateful to say that this lockdown period has been kind of a gift for me. Staying home without the hurdles of daily commute and the stress in the office is being delightful, but of course, as always there have been many struggles. First I had to face fear, at times it felt like I couldnt breathe. Fear for my daughter , far away in Lincoln, worrying that she is going to get sick, alone , in the hospital , dying, my brain a perfect horror movie director! I managed to convince her to return home, so next fear kicked in, no way it would surrender, now I had to be worried about my family in Spain, what if they get sick and I cannot take care of them, what if they die, I cannot travel!!!, I cannot hug them! ..... As always the practice was my sanity keeper, I chose Acceptance as a powerful word and worked with it daily. It helped me to accept fear, live with it, but not be obsessed or sick............ Not being able to attend the studio meant my refuge was gone. I have an adolescent at home and we fire anger at each other in a loop of shouting and misery. The Yoga studio is the place where I can be, breathe and receive love. So suddenly I found myself with no protection, and working from home, always available to the anger and frustration, nowhere to go or run away!. ...So now I am using the only time I am alone, from 5 o'clock in the morning to do my yoga sessions. Almost daily, my sanity is in my mat :-) ... There have been severe swings in mood during this period, but I have managed not to get dragged into depression by keeping my practice going. So I conclude I am really lucky, I know life will continue to offer crap to me, but I am on the correct path and I know what to do, sit on my cushion or get on my mat, practice, practice, practice and then take time to contemplate the birds and the flowers in my garden and smile if I can. May you all be well. Hope to see you soon in the Yoga studio        Ana

Saraswati just wanted to share ...  I keep finding myself going over Cheri Huber's words.."We need to practice patience. Because when we pay attention we realise that little happens on our terms. Our ego would have us believe it does, but it doesn’t. Patient presence with a grateful heart opens many doors" .......I noticed Brahma (My husband) has  a copy of these wise word on his desk to remind him.     Om shanti shanti shanti                      

Penny just wanted to say ...I have been enjoying listen to Saraswati eading the story of Siddhartha. I find it very soothing and meaningful. How life has so many twists and turns . Even for learned people .


 Natalie wanted to share...So much time in my life has been spent trying to control the uncontrollable and kidding myself that somehow I can. When lockdown arrived, plummeting us all into a state of no control, I hid away. I did my best to avoid looking at the reality of the situation. I started to notice that in doing this I had closed a part of my heart and that doesn't feel good. I need to hide away sometimes and be in my own space but now that I have acknowledged this I try to find better ways to do it - by taking myself off to do something creative . I often feel very guilty for giving myself this time but I am working on that and remind myself each time that the possible alternative is not kind to me or to others. The more I give myself these pockets of space the less I am feeling the need to hide away from all that I can’t control and am able to accept it. It feels quite freeing. A lot of mindfulness, meditation and chanting helped me arrive at this point. Om Shanti Natalie

Satya said...I have just ordered a New Navy mat. My hopes are to become more disciplined with my yoga. I have my mat now and plenty of excuses why my home practice is not regular but I am being kind to myself and going in the right direction. Om shanti Satya

Sorcha just wanted to share....Over the lockdown period I have learnt many things. One is perseverance, not giving up on my yoga practice and meditation even when I have felt unwell, exhausted or overwhelmed. Perseverance with decorating the house, work, applying for jobs. Accepting the knock backs and challenges and then continuing even when it's hard. Doing things little by little. Not trying to do everything at once. Another thing I have learnt is to be more kind to myself and others. Understanding when myself or others need space and time and most of all when we get stressed or anxious to give more love and kindness not take things personally or be resentful. Om shanti Sorcha

Emily just wanted to share... Things have been a little bit crazy with home schooling and trying to get into a bit of a routine, my mind has been a bit all over the place, going through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. I feel like I am now getting to grips with the situation and have found ways to cope. The meditations have really helped, my word at the start was patience, which I have needed a lot of lately.

Marieta just wanted to say ...  I’ve been using the one drive nearly on a  daily basis and I feel like a kid in a candy shop every time I go on it as I know I’ll find beautiful treats for my body and mind :)

Sorcha shared...  Session 3 was amazing when I did it on Monday. Took me to a place of total calm. I only managed 45 mins without being interrupted by florence and the dog but it was utter bliss until then.

Clarissa just wanted to say ... Thank you for session 3 it felt really good to be able to do a whole class, it was like being back in the studio with the rest of the sangha and of course 2 very welcome guests, your beautiful dogs. Very well behaved they were too. It was lovely to hear their participation in the class. I even saw a wonderful demonstration of the downward dog pose, they have really brightened up my day!!

Vikiram said.... I have restarted yoga after a crazy period and stress at work. A day which starts with yoga goes well. Am also realising at how quickly one becomes stiff and unfit without exercise the older one gets! Will be working on the videos and plan to start the mindfulness class this weekend.

Ana just wanted to share... I use the meditations daily, now I am practising the chakras one, touching the different elements in my body makes me feel safe and connected, and also helps with my powerful word acceptance. Today in my morning practice, in mountain pose , the mountain has taught me acceptance, when it rains, it is fine, still is a mountain, when is sunny, is fine, still is a mountain. I have practised it with my little one interrupting my session in the middle of flowing strength, it is fine, I can begin again, still is me and my practice, even though I will not have time to do whatever I wanted to do! Acceptance is really helping to navigate these weird times, and the difficult moods flowing at home. I have decided to stick to this word.                                      Yesterday I began to try night practice, touching the earth meditation ,resuming the recording of niyama/tapas you taught us in the last mindfulness course and writing down the 3 nice things.            The practice is helping me to go through the days, I am almost happy, and trying to help my people that are not feeling so happy. There are little miracles happening in my body, my right toes are separating! and Im coming into shoulder stand from lying most of the times now in the second try, so aiming for first try. Also Im controlling better my mind, it has permeated that I dont have time to hold grudges , so they come, I deal with them and let them go, back to my peace.

Catherine just wanted to say... Many thanks for the moon salutations on onedrive. Another one of my favourites.

Vicky just wanted to say... I look forward so much to seeing what's new in our OneDrive folder, and have shared some of the practice with friends who I know would find it helpful.

Bernie just wanted to share ...I was listening to something on youtube recently and funny enough, came up also on radio 2, that this is almost like a grief. I think that's accurate. Such much loss for so many people and their way of life. I have established a routine, which helps and I try not to dwell too long on the negative thoughts. I guess it also gives us an opportunity to reflect, listen to the birds and be more mindful than ever. Thanks to the yoga and mindfulness teaching I am able to do this.

Roz just wanted to say ...Thank you so much for the Mindfulness Course on line, I've just finished the first class and it was like being in the Studio again hearing your voice. Also all the meditations, calming breaths and asanas, thank you again. So many nice things to see in the garden and on our daily walk, really trying to be in the moment.

Natalie R, just wanted to say.... thank you so much for sending this through. I have been doing yoga everyday during the lockdown, and have found your videos a huge comfort. One positive from this experience is the time and opportunity I have had to incorporate more yoga into my daily routine – I now do some practice every morning before work – and I hope I can continue this once things have returned to more normality. I often walk past the yoga studio on my daily walks and very much look forward to returning for classes

Viv just wanted to say ...I keep cycling through different states today is not so good. So hard to fathom that this could be it for a long time, life put on hold. I keep coming to try to accept how things are and all I’ve taught and learnt about uncertainty and impermanence but all the same it’s still difficult. I look forward to brighter times... when I hear from a survey that 54 percent of people want to make major positive changes in their life and for the Environment, it gives me some hope.

Chris just wanted to share.... I have been following your site daily since the outbreak. thank you for putting up all of these recordings. I am really grateful that they are on your onedrive.I felt some what anxious a week or so ago and the breathing exercises have been wonderful.All of the powerful words apply to me in some way. However at this moment I have put patience at the top of the list since I am very impatient. At this time patience is a very needed thing. I want to be a more patient person. For my own well being and others.   The mindfulness course will certainly be a great help.                                     Also I know at least one NHS Worker has shared on the website. I would like to send love and gratitude to those NHS Workers as well as anyone who is helping at this time. Working in a hospital is a stressful job during "normal" times. I can't imagine the stress all the NHS and other cares are under. Care comes in many forms in life. NHS and carers have very much high standard and are examples of care and compassion. Their bravery during this crisis is very much the definition of what the human heart can breed. I would like to say to them "I hope you all feel appreciated. Thank you".

Clarissa just wanted to share.... I found the Moon Salute on the onedrive link today. I think it is definitely not an easy routine to practise but once I got in to the flow of it, I found it to be quite an enjoyable and grounding routine. 

Ana just wanted to share.... Namaste. Hope you are doing well. I'm fine, with a practice routine quite stable, that keeps me happy. Today in my meditatio , my dark red eyes angry giant part has appeared, complaning to me saying...why are you sitting, everything aches?... normal grumpy stuff. But the accepting part of me was full of light and calm, has surrounded the grumpy part with flowers, smiling and breathing mindfully, until it has become little and powerless. I have known also that all is me and it is Ok. All are interdependent, all or none is Ana                       A lotus to you all

 Laura just wanted to share ... During lock down, I have been trying to develop my daily morning practice, choosing a pose to work on for example. I have always wanted to work the alternate leg raises in wheel pose but my foot would just not leave the floor. Well I have been encouraging that foot in a loving way to come of the floor over the past couple of weeks and this morning I was able to raise both legs straight with foot and toes pointing to the ceiling (not both at the same time, that for next week!)  I'm off to practice Lion Breaths in the back garden now, also part of my morning routine

 Vicky just wanted to say ...I'm loving all the photos being shared on this page.

 Kamala wanted to share.....I feel very lucky to be in the countryside with Spring bursting out around us. I am doing lots of gardening and am filled with gratitude for Nature. My word is acceptance. Self acceptance and acceptance of others, and the situation. Though many of the others resonated strongly too - I loved patience and gentleness. Two qualities which we need right now.

 Kate (NHS angel) just wanted to share...My last few shifts have been exhausting, but i have got through them. It’s difficult wearing the protective gear but my mindfulness helps me so much with this. To stop take a deep breath, feel my hands being washed, the warm water, the sequence of hand washing and how it feels. I am sure It has also helped me to keep my concentration to which order to put the gear on and off. So many positive benefits from doing the practice that I have learnt at the studio it is really helping me in this hugely stressful time at work

Samhita just wanted to say ....After having had a bout of Coronavirus I am recovering well. Kapalabhati has been amazing to strengthen my lungs. I do it twice a day and the difference has been extraordinary. Even though it was pretty grim I feel incredibly lucky, yet again, to have Yoga in my life it has kept me strong and helped me, even at the worse points, to really focus on those, oh so important, deep breaths.

Sarit just wanted to share.... I've just spent a little while chanting with the sangha on the one drive. Spent much of it with tears streaming down my cheeks - that's the power of chanting I guess. I hope that will have let out a lot of negative chemicals, you can't beat a good cry, can you? I feel much calmer now and I'm confident that my immune system will have received a welcome boost.

Clarissa just wanted to say .... The yoga videos and meditations have helped me so much over the past few weeks and through each day. Being at home has given me the time to practise yoga as part of my daily routine and what a saviour it has been. It has given me an even deeper love and respect to the power of yoga & meditation to help heal oneself. I appreciate my practise even more so than before. I yearn to be in the studio practising with the rest of the sangha and look forward to that day with great anticipation.

Kimaya wanted to share ...that through this very difficult time myself and my daughter (Drew) even though have been in each other’s company 24 hours a day for nearly a month have managed to be kind to each other most of the time . Even when we feel a little fed up still manage to notice when being unkind very quickly seem to be changing that pattern


Phillida said ...I have chosen the word acceptance and its really helping me. Just taking a few moments to take a few deep breaths and focus on accepting how things are.

Suzy said ...My meditaion, mindfulness and yoga training has really been priceless during this pandemic - I try to live in the moment and look to the lovely (and sit on my cushion)!

Sunyata just wanted to share...Some days are certainly easier than others but what gets me through each day is my daily practise. And I feel such gratitude that I have this to turn to and that I can continue practising no matter the circumstances. Sometimes it takes a little goading but there is always thanks, never regret, that I have given this gift to myself each time.

Ana just wanted to share...I have been practicing my word, acceptance with my inner child. It is being lovely. I have noticed that acceptance, in the beginning, felt like surrender, but now, as I practice with it, I feel it is really brave to accept what life is throwing, it is also a caring, tender shield against my own anger and fear, providing a better stance to react wisely. And my little one feels good learning to accept and is getting many hugs, no brooms :-) Still, I need more work to distinguish acceptance and surrender. As positive, I am accepting that my daughters are afraid, bored, depressed, angry and instead of shouting or get annoyed with them, I am just allowing it to be, and I do the dishes peacefully when they refuse to do then, enjoying the manual activity. (in the past I would do them also but fuming like a dragon)

Ananda just wanted to sday... This morning I did the power of the word meditation. I haven’t been able to sit for a few days since hearing the news about my uncle having a fatal brain tumour.  Before, the first time I did this meditation, Alice, my inner child had her arms crossed, her back to me was sulking in the corner. didn’t want it to be happening she didn’t want this virus. Alice didn’t want people dying and she didn’t want to be locked up indoors. She didn’t want to not be able to see Jess for months or not go to the studio and see Saraswati. She wanted to go for a walk up Boxhill and she wasn’t allowed. Just like everyone else … she was scared. So she choose to rejected every single word and made a word for herself: calm! Then this morning, I settled into the meditation beautifully and connected with the word resilience. I feel is what I need and what the world needs in these hard times. Thank you so much for the meditation. I read all the comments this morning and the list has grown and grown, it is wonderful to be part of the sharing. Felt the presence of the sangha holding supporting me. I look forward to chanting and practising hatha yoga with you and everyone at the studio again one day.

Clarissa just wanted to say ...So wonderful to feel the sun, to see clear blue skies and the trees and flowers in full bloom. Feeling truly grateful


Shandia just wanted to share...My word I meditated on was kindness I work on social media and due to us being deemed as an essential service; we got a lot of negative comments and responses from people who didn’t agree. It was really hard being in self isolation and responding back to some of these messages. So, I choose these words to spread a little more kindness into the world. I miss everyone so much and sending love and virtual hugs to everyone.

 Yvonne just wanted to say...have you got the email address of the lady that was coming to our Monday class called Polly? i know you cant give me her email address but if you have contact and you get chance would you pass a message to her to wish her well and that i look forward to seeing her again once we can get back to the studio. thank you so much take care Yvonne

                                                          Saraswati said... sorry Yvonne, I haven't got Polly's email saddress. Hopefully she will see your good wishes here


Cos just wanted to say...I'm missing yoga at the studio, but doing some at home. Did yoga today in the garage with my wife and youngest son!


Carys just wanted to say... Namaste everyone, Thank you for making all of the recordings available Saraswati. The powerful word has been helpful - mine is courage, which was bright red when you said it. Wisdom was also powerful. I’ve also found the Chakra meditation very helpful. I hope everyone is well and safe, and sending best wishes to all. Love Carys

Sunyata just wanted to share ...Earlier in the week I did the Powerful Word Meditation with my son, Yvann (he’s 15). He said he found it relaxing and said his chosen word was “caring”. I have meditated with him before but this is probably the longest time length he had sat and meditated.

 Parvati just wanted to say ...Thought I’d let you know I’ve spent 3 hours working my way through everything in practice together folder! it’s like being at the studio but not , I get to listen to you and practice with you Am knackered ! But it’s brilliant and I feel so much better

Sarit just wanted to say ...I was able to practice with you Saraswati for nearly 2 hours yesterday, working through alternate nostril breathing. neck and shoulders, single leg raises, cat routine and the Siva salute, from the 'Practicing together March -April' practice you put on onedrive for us all. I then continued with my own practice doing the double leg raises, shoulder stand cycle, half-wheel pose, lying spinal twist, triangle and squatting balance, then I returned to your folders on the one drive for the blue light meditation and the Metta chant - which was so lovely. With my eyes closed I was back in the studio with you and the sangha. It was wonderful. I am so grateful for your practice on the one drive, it is so comforting to be able to hear your voice and feel that I am practicing with you and the rest of the students. I just have one request, if it's not too much trouble, would you please record 3 oms and a prayer for us so that I can close my practice sessions with you? It would mean a lot to me to share a namaste with you at the end of practice as we have done for nearly 20 years.

Saraswati said...Yes I will do that for you  

Natalie just wanted to say…Reading the sharing page has been like medicine today. I woke in tears today - not at all like me. I sat on my cushion and realised I so miss practicing alongside everyone. I know I won’t be alone. I too am really missing my swimming, so I have replaced it with running (although the outdoor shower sounds far more exciting. Fab idea!) I sit to meditate each morning followed by a run which is an extension of my meditation. I don’t take my phone, but I captured a mental image this morning which I will share with you all...” An enormous crisp blue sky, blueish frost patches on bright green grass with golden daffodils scattered throughout. The beautiful melody of birdsong all around, the rhythmic tapping of my feet as I pass a field of handsome horses. Cold air waking my lungs” Just beautiful! Acceptance is my mantra today. Namaste to you all.


Nigel just wanted to say… The word I would choose would be “survival” but it’s not listed. So, the nearest is “resilience” Am finding the breathing exercises useful

 Vicky just wanted to say… Thank you again Saraswati for teaching all of this to us, and for sharing the practice online. It's so comforting to hear your voice, and to know that the other students are practising to the very same recordings - a lovely way to still feel connected. How lucky we are to have this technology! I'm finding that the mindfulness and gratitude practices are coming to me very naturally, and they're really helping me to take one day at a time, thinking a week ahead at most. Almost like magic, this stops me worrying and allows me to appreciate all the good things we still have. I'm enjoying reading the updates on your sharing page and am attaching a photo of Alice, our rescue kitten, who is unconcerned about pandemics but keen to join your gallery of comforting cats! (please look further down this page in the comforting cats section) I look forward to carrying on - and of course to practising all together again one day.

Catherine Hedger just wanted to say… Thank you so much for all your latest additions! I am using them all for my practise and it is good to see and hear you! Stay safe and well everyone

 Galina just wanted to say …This virus affects millions of people around the world not just physically but mentally. More than ever, we, us, the people of this Planet, realised that we are connected more than never, that WE ARE ONE!!! I practised the Powerful Word meditation and two words spoke to me: Caring and Kindness really missing practicing with you all Stay safe Much Metta,

Helen just wanted to say … Thank you for all that you are doing to keep us practicing Saraswati! I am happily working through routines alone but very much missing Lakshmi and all the Tuesday group. Wishing everybody well

 Lorraine just wanted to say … I have listened and joined in with the joint routine and hand mudra routine. Thank you. I am looking at all the nice things in my surroundings, and the beauty of nature, family, friendships and communities like our wonderful studio community.

Sarit just wanted to say …. keep looking for the positive things coming from this terrible situation. So far, I think the way that we are all starting to look out for our more vulnerable neighbours is a good thing, and also the appreciation of the people who work so hard to keep us all safe is another good thing. I am also getting better with technology, something I avoided previously, and that's got to be good (I think!). Wishing everyone stays well.

 Georgia just wanted to say… Namaste Thank you for your new online meditations. I feel the connection from afar.

Clarissa said... I hope everyone is staying well. thank you again for uploading the videos, they really are a guiding light during this time.

 Deva just wanted to say … I have found the work - meditations and routines really fantastic on the one drive link. I had to do the word meditation a few times until I could focus on one particular word - this is compassion. I did the next word meditation with Kunti Devi this morning which was quite thought provoking; imagining I was applying the opposite. We loved practising the Shiva salute today and loved your routine in Scotland?) with the wind blowing everything about.

Jackie said … My morning meditation practice is vital for me coping with neurological movement disorder Essential Tremor and now with these challenging times also adding extra sessions during the day. I have found myself this past week even adding some yoga postures not done for few years. Warrior Being one of them, With leg tremors it is challenging, but if I do it after sitting meditation when they have calmed a bit, it is better. . Because of balance it’s only stage 1 but I’m pleased to have added it. Namaste


Ana said …
I would like to share that, yesterday I had my first anxiety attack. Until yesterday I couldn’t understand anxiety. But, my goodness, it is tough! But I’m lucky the practice is with me. I practised calming breaths for 1 hour (lunch break at work), but still I could feel the grasp in my liver/lung, like a beast tearing me inside. Then when I finished work, I began with my yoga session, very very very slow, snail slow, each movement aware both of the stretch of the movement and my liver/lung sending love and calmness. It made the trick. At the end of the session, hearing Saraswati’s voice in the relaxation I was finally free. And now I can say I understand anxiety and how dangerous it is. I am now a bit wiser :-).
So today my vow is to do just one thing at a time, only one thing. I need to be safe. I am going to be safe, the warrior is here with me, with a virtual broom to hit my head if I misbehave :-)
Saraswati said… Maybe try a hug of kindness and then a helping hand, rather than a broom to hit your head Ana?

Ananda said … A little lovely thing. I have lots of tadpoles who are swimming around blissfully unaware of the chaos and sadness affecting us humans, which is strangely comforting.

Kunti Devi said...So, 1 week in lockdown and feeling like a routine has been established. Deva rigged a cold shower in the garden as I am missing my daily swim fix. It’s a lovely start to our day, out there in all elements. Then we do neti as I think it’s good to keep the sinuses cleaned out. We are practicing Yoga every day for about 45-60 mins and doing a lot of different routines. I am working on chakrasana every day because I find it so hard and want to start on Gomakasana, as that too is difficult for me. So, trying to push the comfort zone with practice.

Noelle just wanted to say … Namaste Saraswati and fellow yoginis, I hope you are all keeping well. After a very frazzled day struggling with IT working from home issues, I was desperate for some yoga and practised 6 in a row of your wonderful routines Saraswati and I feel renewed! Thank you so much for adding these to the website – It’s so lovely to feel I am practising with you. I find I need your voice to guide me to truly benefit. My powerful word today is patience, also – patience with myself (not my forte) as I struggle to learn things I do not feel in control of, and appreciation of the patience people show me as I learn. It is hard to be in a position of not knowing, but wonderful to be offered a helping hand…

Alison said
..I have been keeping up my practice, and how lucky we are to have these tools in these uncertain days. I have been practising the spirit salute, and also the coming breaths.My word from the meditation is courage. Thank you Saraswati for doing this for us , helps me to feel connected. Stay safe everyone, sending love and virtual hugs

Andrea said …Thank you for making all of this available at such an anxious time for us all. I did the cat routine and listened to the breathing exercises this morning and it really helped to zone out from all that is going on at the moment.My word is dignity- The mob mentality that sadly you see at the supermarkets for panic buying is just awful - we need to keep our dignity and humanity- and remember to be kind - not least to those who are working there under incredibly stressful circumstances.

Daisy (10 years old) said ...I think you will be pleased, i have started learning the spirit salute xxxx

Marianne said … I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting the calming breaths on your one drive for us. The recording has been great.

 Jo said …Thank you for the continued support and content on the web, I listened to the extended powerful word meditation. I am finding it very helpful when I remember to say it!

Lisa said … Yesterday I opened your website and worked through The Spirit Salute and The Cat Routine. That practice was like coming home for me and I want to thank you for making these and all the other practices available to everybody at this very challenging time. As you know I live in Spain and like Italy, the situation here is extremely bad and the daily news very hard to absorb. Seeing you and hearing your voice helped me find much needed strength and peace, as always.

Robert said … Thank you for your Spirit Salute on your website. Completed five rounds earlier today. Missing the “Tuesday club” already and look forward to when the classes resume. Take care and safe everyone

Pauline  said …Namaste Saraswati and everyone, I have been enjoying having a bit more time in the day to do some practice since I no longer have to find my way across London to go to work. I am so grateful for being able to work from home, and that I have a home with a garden full of trees and birds which makes staying at home bearable. I'm also grateful that both my grown-up children seem to be getting on — at long last — and even enjoying each other’s company! It's hard not seeing friends and family, so I'm also grateful for the internet and all the wondrous ways we have to stay in touch. I'm sure we can all help each other through this and I'm so looking forward to being able to hug each other again. I don't really think of myself as a very tactile person, but I guess you don't know you'll miss it till it's gone...

Noelle said …I have just practised the Spirit salute with you by video, and also the calming breaths meditation. I really appreciate hearing you voice and taking par . I hope you, and all the yoga community are staying well.

Penny said …Namaste Saraswati, Thank you for All your hard work to keep us all in touch with one another. How reassuring to know that we can listen to your voice, always so calm and reassuring. Just watching you on the hillside doing yoga made me feel calmer. I have read or heard that during this time we need to still have structure to our day, so what better than to include meditation and relaxation. I will also try to get my yoga mat out, but it’s not the same as practicing with others. My word has changed daily, possibly because the challenges of the day, change from day to day. I hope everyone stays well and safe

Jackie G said …Thank you for the new additions to your website today. I was very happy to practice them this morning, and the calming breath really helps.

Emma said ...Namaste Saraswati and everyone, What a joy it is to feel part of a group at a time of isolation. Thank you for all being here for each other. I have been finding the isolation quite hard. Although I’m not a person that is out very often and am very much a homebody when it feels enforced upon you it does feel different. Jackie is right though, like saraswati says everything flows and everything will change. I am enjoying the videos you are putting on Saraswati and am now adding an extra bit of time for myself each day to do them with you. I am still writing my three nice things down each day and at the moment they are taking on more significance and with less time out and about (just my daily walk) the smallest things are becoming so lovely. A bird in a tree, the noise of the little boy downstairs as he laughs, facetiming my niece and nephew etc. Thank you Saraswati for giving me (and I’m sure most others reading this!) the ‘tools’ to navigate this unsettling time. I know I would be in a very different mindset without them.         L

Svajunas & Alyona said… Thank you for uploading more and more things for us to practice together. We have tried powerful word meditation, and calming breaths and they are really helpful, especially for me in the middle of the day to have a break from the computer and calls. We keep going with our practice

Jackie wanted to share.... I love being part of this group and reading people’s messages. I’m in the vulnerable over 70’s group and in self isolation at home. Yes, it’s a different way of living, but as Saraswati teaches us, nothing stays still. So my husband Tony and I are using our time to find new ways of spending our days. We are in self isolation for 3months and saw today could even be 4months. Interesting I was reading few days ago about an astronaut who’d spent a year on International Space Station. He explained how routine was vital up there and also important for those in self isolation to have some routine too. So I feel blessed at least I can go outside unlike the astronaut in space. Meditation practice is a normal part of my daily morning routine for many years, however I’ve now increased this to other times of day too. In Mindfulness courses Saraswati teaches us about mindful eating, again something I do normally. However, this is something that has been even more beneficial and important for me recently. I can’t just go to the shops to buy food so I’m making mindful eating a bigger part of my day. This will also help should food become harder to come by. Tony cooks our meals and he is being more mindful of how many ingredients he uses. He also practices daily meditation so at least we both have those tools to help us cope at this unprecedented time. Thank you Saraswati for the teachings you are sharing on your website links, I so appreciate your care and support in helping us all cope. Om Shanti Jackie

Caroline said …Namaste Saraswati and all. I too really benefitted from the information on the events page and the Practicing Together March 2020 Folder. It helps me feel grounded. I do my yoga every day and that helps. I have my daily routine and particularly enjoy spending time in our local park. I now strike up conversations with people at a safe distance. I love these moments of sharing life. It shows our togetherness and shared humanity. As our yogic teaching says…The light of kindness shines within our hearts.     Om Shanti, Caroline



 Have you practised the ‘Powerful word’ meditation I put on the one drive site yet? I think it is particularly valuable for us currently when all sorts of worried thoughts are bound to be speeding through our mind. I have chosen the word GENTLENESS to work with. I am finding it very helpful. I keep catching myself having thoughts of concern and annoyance about this situation of uncertainty and worry. Reminding myself to be gentle is allowing me to find and dwell in a softer place. Just saying the word gentleness a few times to myself evokes some direction and inner strength. Here is what some others have found from doing the meditation…


Ana said… I have practised today with the deepening of the powerful word. Resilience. Resilience for me means keeping strong and balanced, not letting myself slip in laziness , sadness or despair, to continue to be a rock for my family, so the kids have something that feels safe and strong and my parents don’t need to worry. It is the root for me now to practice the other words.

Sorcha said …I did the meditation this morning with my son. I chose a few words patience, kindness and gentleness. To practise for myself and others. I had difficulty choosing they all seemed important. My son, Joe chose acceptance. He's finding it hard to accept not seeing his friends at the moment. Thank you for keeping us on track. We'll keep practising.

Vikrram said …All the words carry a lot of meaning, however two words compassion and acceptance resonated during the meditation session. Acceptance of events and the world around us is the key word in these unprecedented times. Good Wishes to everyone

Jacquie said …My word from the powerful word meditation is kindness not only for others but myself as well. In these difficult days it’s made me more aware of kindness in myself and also the kindness of others.

David said …I’ve just done the powerful word meditation. The word that I’ve chosen is Compassion!

Narayana said … My powerful word is Quietness... I have found it very helpful with everything that is going on.

Kunti Devi said …I have done the meditation and I chose acceptance as it felt like the path of least resistance in current climes.

Ana said …I did the meditation yesterday, and it is curious that the first words would not resonate at all when usually do. A little exploration told me that I am scared and concerned, so my natural tendency is to build a wall and go inside. Eventually wisdom felt fine and somehow opened my heart again.

Antony said …I did the words mediation earlier. My word is Patience. It's lovely to hear from you and I'm grateful for you sharing with us. I have been thinking about everyone at the studio.

Hollie said …I have to admit the powerful word meditation isn’t the easiest part of yoga practice for me but I decided on the word acceptance at the moment because I find it difficult to accept that I can’t follow my usual routine like coming to the studio on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Laura said …I have listened to the powerful word meditation . Listening to this meditation always has such a positive effect, and I'm am finding it especially so at this time. It helps me to focus on, to feel and nurture those qualities. The word currently resonating with me most strongly is acceptance.

Lee said …Namaste everyone and thank you all and Saraswati for sharing. I have chosen the word creativity- took me a couple of days reflection to match the physical and spiritual reaction to the psychological and practical. Worked a treat today in my direct work with children in foster care and hopefully I will be inspired again tomorrow caring for a family in my work in health and social services. And working with creativity as my mantra has Inspired me at home schooling with my son. Om Shanti

Parvati said …after today’s meditation my word is acceptance it’s a touchstone, a rare precious gem and I’ll hold and use it often in the days ahead.

Sunyata said …the word that connected most strongly to me is "compassion" - something I work on every day to try to cultivate in myself more and more. Thank you for helping us stay connected, Saraswati.

Alanna said…I’ve just sat and done the meditation and the word I have chosen is acceptance.

Vicky said …Usually, when you take us through this meditation the powerful word that jumps out at me is 'creativity', but this time it was very much 'resilience and kindness' - two things we all need plenty of in these troubling times.

Jo W saidGoodwill jumped first, then also gentleness. I'm going to have them both. Powerful 'powerful words', thank you Saraswati

Roz said …I've downloaded and practised the word meditation; I remember doing it in the studio and the word 'courage ' chose me so that will be my daily mantra.

Lakshmi said ...surprisingly my word is resilience.. I would have guessed kindness but there was no doubt that resilience was the strongest word for m. I am  looking forward to working with it.

Jo said …Thank you I really missed my Saturday morning practise with you but just listening to your voice gives calm. My word is Courage

Bertha said …I’ve just practiced the powerful word meditation and feel calm and relaxed, thank you. Resilience is my word as I feel being resilient will help me through these challenging times. It’ll be my mantra.

Catherine said…My word was clearly acceptance. So, I will practice that. What a good investment of time effort and money your autumn mindfulness has proved to be!

Linda said ...My word was patience as that is something, I feel I should work on. After that acceptance also resonates with me.

Jeanette said …I have just done the powerful words meditation and courage was the word that I chose. It was very close to patience, but I decided on courage. We are all going into the unknown and I believe I will need courage to remain strong and continue with my practice. Hope you stay well.

Vivienne said … My powerful word was resilience as the pulls between what I’m being asked to do, what I should do and what I feel is right to do for myself increase.

Nymah said …My word is CREATIVITY. I have never thought myself as especially creative. However our current circumstances are forcing many of us to try it- whether it's adapting to a new style of working, being creative with the resources you have at home when running out of things that the shops have no stock of or finding ways to fill your time if self-isolating. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to flex my creativity. I am also very grateful for this practice. Best wishes and good health to all of you

Krishnan said …I found the words Patience and Caring resonated most during the word meditation.

Pavana said … I have just listened to this meditation and the word that jumped out at me was compassion………for trying to understand myself and where my life lies right now with what is occurring on the wider spectrum and what going forwards, not just for myself but for everyone and the planet and the world. I think closely behind this was courage for me. It is good to share I am missing the studio ……… a good time to listen to the meditation.

 Jo Adams said…I found it hard to choose one word- moving between patience, resilience and acceptance. I’ll likely use each of them as my mantra depending on the need....

 Rocio said… My special word is acceptance.

Lorraine said…The word resilience stood out for me with kindness coming second. I felt that I was getting caught up in panic at times and needed to disengage from news and focus elsewhere to regain balance.

Sarit said…Thank you for your updates on the website. I have been practicing with you! My word of the moment is 'Courage', with 'Wisdom' not far behind.

Jo said…Listened to the calming breaths and powerful word meditation this morning. So helpful xx With goodwill and gentleness Namaste everyone

Natalie saidPatience spoke loudly to me. I think patience keeps us in the moment more. I am observing so much unnecessary battling at the moment, and for what? With patience we can travel through each moment with more peace and acceptance, I think. Much needed at the moment.

Debs said…I have just done the strong word meditation, and the two words (if I’m allowed two) that resonated most strongly with me were... Creativity & Resilience.

Clarissa said…The powerful word I chose is 'Patience'. Working from home, as great as, it sounds, isn't actually that appealing in truth, especially the social aspect. So, irritability does rear its ugly head unnecessarily. I will definitely be practising the word meditation daily.

Noelle said…I did the word meditation just now and the word that I focussed on was Caring – I had the opportunity today to speak with two elderly neighbours and organise some basic food delivery for them. There are some really nice things happening in our road, where people are connecting with each other and really seem to want to care for each other. It makes me think that there may be some positives that arise from this nightmare.

Jyotir said…I have listened to the Word meditation and have chosen 'caring' as my word. To others yes, but also to myself (which I am not so good at).

Marieta said…I did the powerful word meditation last night and the word I chose was 'caring' because I feel I want to care for anyone who needs at the moment. And I think the world needs it.

Parvati said…I chose quietness because I so need to stop talking and have quiet time for me otherwise, I will get swamped. It works - breathe in quietness breathe out quietness And “ I am being quiet “

Kate said…I just did the Meditation and courage was the word that stood out for me. I will need to give myself lots of courage to get my feet through the front door of the hospital when I need to go into work. Thank you for the calming breaths recording, I am doing this lots.

Catherine said … The word I chose was Caring because at this extremely difficult time I feel extra caring is needed. By keeping in touch with family, friends, neighbours and those in need. Phoning and checking they are safe and well.

Kimaya said... I choose the word compassion. Because we could all do with a little compassion through this difficult time.



Research has shown we can help our brain release chemicals that make us feel calm an happier by looking out for any 'little' nice thing that occurs in our life. 'Looking to the lovely' especially in a time of uncertainty and apprehension, can make the difference between sinking into depression, or whizzing off into panic. It would be very helpful      practice for each one of us, to keep a daily record of at least 3 little nice things that arise. Perhaps a smile, or a sip of tea, or a cloud floating by, or a bird singing nearby. I will certainly be looking out for nice things today. I hope you will too.                             Please email me any good photos to share               


from Kimaya

from Natalie

from Natalie

from Natalie

from Natalie

from Satya

from Lorraine

from Catherine

from Ana 

From Ellie

From Ellie

From NIgel

From Parvati

From Parvati

From Karen

Vicky saw this delightful squirrel

Nigel saw these lovely bluebells

Parvati's birthday flowers 

Ana apple blossom

Barabara sent in these lovely flowers

Kamala sent in this beautiful tree

Delightful Dogs ...

Nigel's friends dog

Delighful Dogs...and here are mine, 13 year old Chandi (in the pink) and 14 year old Maya


Kimaya's special cherry tree with a visitor

Sarit sharing tulips

Nataraja's garden 

Wow Saraswati's Flowers 

Drew's bluebell walk


Parvati's tulips 

Nigel flowers

Nigel sent us this butterfly

Daffodils from June


From David .....When I was gardening the other day I found an empty snail shell, so in my spare moments I made the body from some clay that I had and painted it in watercolour. I thought you might like to see it.

Antony's  happy indoor plants

Ananda's frog! ...

 Ellie capturing beautiful blossom

Parvati's Lavender

Hollie in Shoulder Stand

 From KImaya...

Comforting Cats!

Caroline's Blackjack 


 Vicky's comforting cat

From Holiie


From Natalie


Nigel's cat


A special Buddha from Sarit 

Here is a very nice thing I saw when walking my dogs. Can you see the parakeet in a hole in the tree?


Here is a nice moment from KImaya...



Here is a nice thing from NIgel...


Here is one of my nice things..the view from my kitchen window....

Here is a nice thing from Parvati  .............                                                                                                  These are my little daffodils. They’re called rumple stiltskin and look like fireworks they’re so pretty.  



 This is a nice thing from Debs...................................                                                                               I took this from the car as I drove past Stonehenge on my way home from training.