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Saraswati’s 2019 Spring
6-week Mindfulness Course



This course can be taken either at the studio, or online, or a mixture of both.

Studio classes are 1.30 pm- 3.30 pm Saturdays
Starting 30th March

Or work online starting Sunday 31st March   
25 places for studio attendance
10 online places
The results from the mindfulness courses I have run over the last eight years have truly impressed me.
People who suffer the deep sadness of depression have found they have less attacks. And when they do suffer from a episode of depression their mindfulness practice helps them to recover much more quickly.  People with little self-confidence, but a lot of anxiety find calmness in mindfulness practice. It helps them relax and sleep better & feel happier.
The practice can also help overcome addictions, fatigue, phobias, and give inspiration and motivation.
Mindfulness can ease digestive upsets, migraines, boost the immune system and ease a host of physical complaints, especially those that are stress related.
The benefits from mindfulness practice are many. If you look up the benefits of mindfulness on-line I am sure you will be amazed. Over the last few years there has been lots of scientific research on mindfulness practice & the results are remarkable. Practising the skills of mindfulness is a certain way to find some calmness and strength.
However, it is important before you embark upon a mindfulness course, to fully realise that it does require time and effort to develop the skills.

The Saraswati Mindfulness course has two parts.
1. The Talks       Image result for blue lotus
are held at the Saraswati Yoga Studio each Saturday afternoon 1.30 pm-3.30pm.
These talks will be recorded and put on OneDrive for students who are unable to attend the studio & want to practice on-line. 
The course talks explain…
The origin of mindfulness.
What ‘mindfulness’ is and what ‘mindlessness’ is.
How a human’s personality develops.
Why we are victim to worrying, anger and stress.
How mindfulness practice affects us physically
i.e. our brain/nervous system, digestive system, reproductive and immune system.
How mindfulness affects us psychologically by reducing panic, anxiety and fear and increasing contentment, calmness and inner strength.
How to practice allowance and acceptance.
How to overcome self-defeating habits and develop habits that bring well-being.
Developing compassion. learning to be kinder to ourselves.

2. Homework     Image result for blue lotus
Homework involves daily practice for 20-30 minutes.
Homework is the most important part of the 6-week mindfulness training. You will need about half an hour a day to practice. 
Some of the homework requires NO extra time in your life such as mindful eating, or teeth brushing.
Some of the practice takes just a few moments such as taking a few deep breaths before getting out of bed each day and thinking of 3 nice things before going to sleep each night.  But the required daily relaxation practice needs 10-20 minutes and the sitting meditation practice also requires 10-20 minutes.
You will also need a few minutes each day for some mindful walking, plus a few minutes writing out your daily progress report.
I have been a yoga teacher for over 30 years, during that time I have been inspired by seeing how much hatha yoga helps human beings to cope with life. To my amazement and delight I have seen the mindfulness courses have helped people even more. (Though of course practising both is best!)
The mindfulness courses are valuable for everyone. 
People who attended my courses years ago often tell me they are continuing to gain from their practice and how much positivity it gives them.
Some people attend two, three, four, or more courses. Some students attend them all because it helps to keep them on the mindfulness path.
Each course is taught slightly differently. I myself have developed a deeper understanding of the practice and I have been fortunate to learn from some of our greatest mindfulness teachers including Professor Mark W. Muesse, Ron Seigel & Kristen Neff.  I am constantly training with other teachers. I have recently completed a mindfulness course with Stephen Batchelor.
As well as doing mindfulness training courses I make sure I practice mindfulness in my daily life. I have discovered that the more I practice, the more my resolve strengthens, and awareness, understanding and the ability to be mindful deepens.
Being mindful can dissolve tension.
The Saraswati Yoga Studio mindfulness courses are designed to benefit beginners and experienced practitioners. If you have the willingness to learn and practice you can gain benefit from the support and guidance of this six-week course.

Spaces are limited to 25 people attending weekly at the Saraswati Yoga Studio Sutton
And 10 people practising on line, by listening to each recorded talk on OneDrive, and then sending weekly progress reports to me by email.
Course begins: for studio participants…
Saturday 30th March 1.30- 3.30 pm
for email participants…the first talk will be
 put online on Sunday 31st March

Studio participants unable to make it to class any week, can practice online

If you are interested in a place please email me

Email:          saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk

Saraswati Neville
The Saraswati Yoga Studio
122 Robin Hood Lane

Email:          saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk
tel:               020 8641 1792
website:     www.theyogastudio.org.uk

Some feedback from past participants…
Having just completed my 3rd mindfulness courses with you, which was as wonderfully helpful as the 1st, I can confidently say I'm persevering more with my daily practice therefore being more mindful and aware of everything in my life and becoming a more sensitive and happier human being. Thank you for your wonderful teaching.       Bertha
If only new students knew what benefits will be open to them by doing the course they would be queueing up the night before to get in. Words can hardly describe the benefits of the training. It has been a life changing experience for me. Thank you.                               Milla
I am so happy I crossed the path of your mindfulness course. It has helped me so much in my journey into parenthood. What you have taught me is leading me down a much happier path. A heartfelt Thank you.             Kate

The main thing that I took from the course is the feeling that it gave me a way to deal with the pain of life, a way that doesn't involve taking drugs but still affects and changes the brain.  The studio is so warm and comfortable; it feels like coming home. Thank you.          Jenny 
The difference I feel from doing mindfulness Is liberating and I feel I can cope with life's hurdles much better now and just enjoy life more in general. Thank you so much. I have recommended your course to all my friends     Karen

I'm always captivated by Saraswati's knowledge and teaching of mindfulness.  I've learnt so much as she's
gently guided us through the course    David

Saraswati’s Mindfulness course is amazing: you learn how to let go of suffering and stress and enjoy living in the present moment. The weekly sessions are easy to follow, informative and enjoyable.  Saraswati supports you throughout and helps you to establish a sustainable Mindfulness practice, which will change your life.                    Ananda

So simple, so effective, so life changing. My mindful moments inspire me to take a breath. My breath inspires me to take a mindful moment. Often.  Thank you      Satya


The yoga classes and Mindfulness courses I have attended at the Saraswati Yoga studio have been life changing. I was probably the most unlikely person to ever sit and meditate but I can now do up to 20 mins. It didn't happen overnight but with commitment it truly works.  Bernie
Truly life-changing!  Saraswati is an inspirational and wise teacher.  The course has helped me cope with life's ups and downs by becoming more self-aware; to practice deep breathing, relaxation and to appreciate lovely things by living in the moment.         Amanda
Saraswati's mindfulness course has not only brought me more peace and happiness in my life day to day but allowed me to become aware that this more pleasant life experience is available simply by following the practice the course provides.     Gareth

I found the talk last week really interesting especially the bit about what to expect when meditating and how not to expect that there will be no other thoughts passing through.  For some reason I think this is the expectation I have had of myself. I am loving joining in the class online, I feel like I am in the studio who everyone else.     Anna

I have come away from the mindfulness course with more knowledge than I ever could have dreamed of. It has made my life more peaceful & calmer, thank you for sharing all your knowledge Saraswati.     Mandy

LIFE CHANGING. I've meditated off and on for years and have to say this course was exactly what I've needed for YEARS. It takes work, commitment and can be a bit uncomfortable but REALLY WORKS. I now feel really comfortable in my own skin and confident (well most of the time :-)) I found having a structure and being required to do homework was the thing that made the difference for me. Saraswati teaches with conviction and passion.  I cannot thank her enough.                     Mark
















































The History of Yoga

3-hour Workshop
    with Saraswati & Brahma



Are you also interested in history, especially the history of Yoga?
Where yoga came from and how it was first practiced is a fascinating story.
You probably already know Yoga originated in India, but did you know that originally it bore very little resemblance to the Yoga we practice today? The first written explanation of Yoga dates back thousands of years.
How and why did Yoga change so much over the centuries? And why is it so popular today? Most modern yoga practitioners have little knowledge or understanding of the roots of the valuable and life enhancing practice they do each week. Normally only Yoga trainees, teachers and scholars discover the exciting and rich past that Yoga has grown up from.
We believe that the more understanding we have of Yoga, which includes its history, the more benefit we receive from our practice.
The word Yoga means to yoke, or bring together, to unite, or be at one. What did that mean to practitioners thousands and hundreds of years ago? And what does it mean to the many and diverse teachers of the 20th & 21st centuries?
We will look at and discuss these interesting facts about Yoga, and why human beings have found the Yoga path a way of strength for body, mind and spirit throughout the ages.
In the workshop we will cover the history and mythology of yoga, from its birthplace in prehistoric ‘India’, via the Indus valley and Vedantic culture, up to modern times. Hopefully teasing out the facts from the fiction.
We will also trace the development of the methods of Yoga that are validated by modern scientists and its connection with Mindfulness practice.

To book a place please email saraswati at  saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk