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The History of Yoga

3-hour Workshop
    with Saraswati & Brahma



Are you also interested in history, especially the history of Yoga?
Where yoga came from and how it was first practiced is a fascinating story.
You probably already know Yoga originated in India, but did you know that originally it bore very little resemblance to the Yoga we practice today? The first written explanation of Yoga dates back thousands of years.
How and why did Yoga change so much over the centuries? And why is it so popular today? Most modern yoga practitioners have little knowledge or understanding of the roots of the valuable and life enhancing practice they do each week. Normally only Yoga trainees, teachers and scholars discover the exciting and rich past that Yoga has grown up from.
We believe that the more understanding we have of Yoga, which includes its history, the more benefit we receive from our practice.
The word Yoga means to yoke, or bring together, to unite, or be at one. What did that mean to practitioners thousands and hundreds of years ago? And what does it mean to the many and diverse teachers of the 20th & 21st centuries?
We will look at and discuss these interesting facts about Yoga, and why human beings have found the Yoga path a way of strength for body, mind and spirit throughout the ages.
In the workshop we will cover the history and mythology of yoga, from its birthplace in prehistoric ‘India’, via the Indus valley and Vedantic culture, up to modern times. Hopefully teasing out the facts from the fiction.
We will also trace the development of the methods of Yoga that are validated by modern scientists and its connection with Mindfulness practice.

To book a place please email saraswati at  saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk