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   Teachers training course

Teaching Pregnancy Yoga
Only suitable for qualified Teachers or Trainee teachers
27th & 28th June 2015
11.30 am – 5.30 pm Saturday 27th June
9.30 am – 3.30 pm 28th June       £68.00

Yoga Alliance CPD




  Pregnancy can be a joyful but also a challenging time,  practicing yoga helps pregnant women stay strong, healthy, calm and positive. During pregnancy it is not only safe, it is beneficial to perform gentle to moderate exercise such as hatha yoga. Some of the benefits are less muscular aches and pains, less tension, and increased flexibility.  Hatha yoga improves posture, which lessens the chance of back ache while carrying baby and it improves circulation, which decreases the risk of varicose veins. Yoga increases muscle strength, which is not only good for delivery day, but also to support joints that become looser during pregnancy. Hatha yoga increases energy levels, which helps to combat the fatigue women often experience. Yoga also helps pregnant women maintain a positive self-image. 

  Yoga breathing helps reduce high blood pressure  and soothe the nervous system. Breath control enables pregnant women to have more control over labour pains and remain calmer during contractions. Yoga poses lessen backaches, headaches, swollen legs, heartburn and open the pelvic area to encourage an easier birth. Visualisation and meditation exercises create a loving bond between mother & baby bringing greater positivity and health to both. Relaxation techniques teach women how to gain a better quality of sleep and also how to stay more stress-free during waking hours, which is especially valuable when baby is born.

  Lots of women who practiced yoga while pregnant        have reported having easier births and babies that are more contented. Yoga for pregnant women is becoming very popular, women want to be able to offer their babies and themselves a calmer and healthier environment.
During pregnancy women need to follow certain rules when exercising. Teachers need to be trained to teach ante-natal yoga, enabling them to give pregnant women all the information they need. Most pregnancies are demanding yet happy experiences. Pregnancy requires a little more care than normal. Practicing yoga is a lovely way to provide that care.



 During this course you will learn why pregnant students need to practice yoga a little differently from other yoga students. 

You will learn why they shouldn’t do

any breath retention.

Why they shouldn’t lie on the back for more than a few minutes after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Why they shouldn’t do too many hyper extensions of the spine, backward bends. 

Why they shouldn’t do any of the postures too powerfully, and need to go more gently in their stretches. 

Why they shouldn’t hold postures for as long as they could when not pregnant. 

Why they might need extra support when doing balance poses.

Yoga teachers need  to have a thorough understanding of the needs of pregnant students if they wish to include them in their classes. Or if they wish to run specialised pregnancy /antenatal classes.

 It is very rewarding to run yoga classes solely for pregnant women because it gives the women a chance to share their experiences and receive support from their teacher and fellow pregnant students. In a specialised yoga for pregnancy only class teachers can give short talks about how to use yoga practice during pregnancy, delivery and the early stages of motherhood.

Delivery is an exciting but a worrying time for pregnant women to prepare for. Yoga teachers can be of a huge help by teaching Yoga breathing exercises and visualisations, meditations and relaxation techniques that their students can use not only during the months of pregnancy, but also during delivery and even beyond, to help them through the disturbed nights after baby is born. But perhaps most valuably Yoga teachers can show mothers to be, how they can keep themselves calm and energised when the time comes to deliver their baby.



 The Saraswati Yoga Teachers  Training Course is designed for teachers and trainee teachers. Applicants need to have knowledge of the main hatha yoga postures or at least be in process of learning how to teach basis yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation.
 This course is NOT suitable for anyone without experience as a Yoga teacher or trainee teacher.

  During the weekend course you will learn how to teach pregnancy only classes. You will also learn how to adapt mixed class with non-pregnant students to accommodate any pregnant students.
You will have enough knowledge to either invite pregnant students into your normal classes or create pregnancy only yoga classes or both.

  During the course you will learn  about many issues concerning pregnancy including:  How yoga helps conception. What causes miscarriages?

Is yoga safe for pregnant students?

What postures to avoid and why.

The different stages of pregnancy the first, second and third trimester. And how to adapt yoga practises for each trimester.

How both Mother and Baby benefit from regular yoga practice during pregnancy.

Health problems that can arise during pregnancy and how yoga can help ease some of the problem such as heartburn, anaemia, constipation, sciatica, backache, and sleep problems,  And which problems require a doctor’s attention such as pelvic pain (spd) or low-lying placenta.

 You will learn when it is and isn’t safe for pregnant women to practice postures.

How to keep pelvic floor muscles strong to aid during the effort of labour and beyond. How to use breathing to ease discomfort and pain.

Pregnancy requires certain dietary needs, you will learn how to advice women on healthy safe eating during their pregnancy. And lots more.





About Saraswati
I am an experienced yogini and qualified Yoga teacher, (SYT Yoga Alliance UK). For full information on my training experience please see my website page ‘about us’ www.theyogastudio.org.uk
I have been practising yoga for more than 40 years; I practiced hatha yoga throughout my pregnancies and found it to be of enormous benefit to myself, my baby and my family. I, like millions of other women across the world and throughout the ages, have found the rewards from yoga practice to be quite remarkable. I attended my first yoga class when I was seventeen, and now I am a grandmother. I have taught yoga to my children and they in turn are teaching their children.
As well as teaching yoga myself, I have also enjoyed the privilege of training yoga teachers. Several of the women I have trained were themselves pregnant during their yoga teachers training course. This gave me an opportunity to explore and research safe yoga practice for pregnant women.
Through that research I have created a specialised yoga class for pregnant women, which runs weekly at The Saraswati Yoga Studio. Teachers of all my classes have been trained how to teach pregnant students. They have all been trained personally by me.
Over the years the pregnancy class has become very popular. Local doctors, midwives and hospitals regularly recommend it. It provides support for mothers-to-be in a caring, peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Women often return to our pregnancy classes when carrying their second or third baby.

Here are two emails I have received just recently from women attending our classes...
Dear saraswati
I have recently joined the pregnancy class and have been advised to email you for a copy of the manual.
I also wanted to say that the teacher is excellent and the class is very welcoming. Kind regards     Catherine

Dear Saraswati

I just wanted to let you know that all the breathing techniques I learnt at the pregnancy yoga class were immensely helpful throughout my labour & I drew on them very much to help get me through contractions. They were great for helping me to stay relaxed, and confident and positive that I would meet my baby in the end and all the midwives I saw said they could tell the yoga breathing had been a big help to me too.  So a very big thank you Namaste    Suzanne



I have written a yoga for pregnancy manual to encourage pregnant women to practice hatha yoga regularly at home. The manual provides a mother-to-be all she needs to practice yoga at home throughout her pregnancy.
This manual has also been written as an instruction aid for hatha yoga teachers and trainees attending my Pregnancy yoga teacher training courses.

My Saraswati yoga for pregnancy manual will give you all the information you need and you will cover everything within the manual during the course Please go to this link for a copy of the manual SARASWATI YOGA LINK  ON ONE DRIVE


 Saraswati Pregnancy Manual

If you would like a place on the Saraswati Pregnancy Yoga weekend course please email or phone Saraswati…  Email saraswati @blueyonder.co.uk            Phone 020 8641 1792


Warmest wishes


  Saraswati is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK.




Autumn 2015
8 weeks Fridays
5.45pm- 7.15pm
Starting 11th September    £75.00

If you would like to go in the Autumn course waiting list please email me saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk

The results from the mindfulness courses I have run over the last few years have truly impressed me. Mindfulness skills once learnt and then put into practice have proved to be extremely valuable to lots of the people who attended.
Through mindfulness practice I have seen people find more strength within themselves. Some people who suffer the deep sadness of depression have found they have less attacks and can bounce back quicker after an attack by using their mindfulness skills.
Some people who had little self-confidence, but a lot of anxiety have found calmness in mindfulness practice. It helps them relax and they sleep better, they feel happier.
Learning and then practising the skills of mindfulness is most certainly a way to find some calmness and strength.  The practice can also help overcome addictions, fatigue, depression, phobias, and give inspiration and motivation. Mindfulness allows us to live with more satisfaction and less frustration.  Mindfulness can ease digestive upsets, migraines, boost the immune system and ease a host of physical complaints, especially those that are stress related.
The benefits from mindfulness practice are many. If you research the benefits of mindfulness on line I am sure you will be amazed.
However….It is important before you embark upon a mindfulness course to take on board that it does require practice. It does require time and effort to develop the skills.

The Saraswati Mindfulness course has two parts.            1. The talks,
The Talks are held at the Saraswati Yoga Studio each Friday evening 5.45-7.15pm. These talks will be recorded and put on One-drive for students who unable to attend the studio. 
2. Homework
Homework involves daily practice for 20-30 minutes.

Talks … The course talks explain…
The origin of mindfulness.
What ‘mindfulness’ is and what ‘mindlessness’ is.
How a human’s personality develops.
Why we are victim to worrying, anger and stress.
How mindfulness practice affects us physically i.e. our brain/nervous system, digestive system reproductive and immune system.
How mindfulness affects us psychologically by reducing panic, anxiety and fear and increasing contentment calmness and inner strength.
Investigating happiness.
How to practice allowance and acceptance.
How to overcome self-defeating habits and develop habits that bring well-being.
Investigating compassion. Learning to be more kind to ourselves.

Homework….Homework is the most important part of the 8 week mindfulness training. You will need about half an hour a day to practice. 
Some of the homework requires NO extra time in your life such as mindful eating, or teeth brushing.
Some of the practice takes just a few moments such as few deep breaths before getting out of bed each day and thinking of 3 nice things before going to sleep each night.  But the required daily relaxation practice needs 10-20 minutes and/or the sitting meditation practice also requires10-20 minutes.
You will also need a few minutes each day for some mindful walking, plus a few minutes writing out your daily progress report.
I have been a yoga teacher for over 30 years, during that time I have been inspired by seeing how much hatha yoga helps human beings to cope with life. To my amazement and delight I have seen the mindfulness courses have helped people even more. Though of course practising both is best!
The mindfulness courses are valuable for everyone. 
People who attended my courses years ago often tell me they are continuing to gain from their practice and how much positivity it gives them.
Some people attend two, three, four, or more times. I have students who value the course so much they attend each one. Each course is taught slightly differently and every course strengthens resolve and deepens awareness, understanding and ability to be mindful. Being mindful can dissolve the dreadful tension we often experience.
No one can ever get too much mindful training.
The courses are designed to benefit everyone, from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. All you need is a willingness to learn and practice and you can gain benefit from the support and guidance of this eight week course.

Spaces are limited to 25 people attending weekly at the Saraswati Yoga studio Sutton and 10 people practising on line by listening to a recording of each talk on One-drive, and then sending weekly progress reports to me by email.
Please only apply for an email space if you really cannot attend the studio.
Studio students please be prepared to attend the entire course. However, if you are ill, or away for a week you can catch up by listening Online.
Places normally go quickly so please apply asap.

Course begins Friday 11th September 5.45- 7.15pm for studio participants
Saturday 12th September for email participants
Duration 8 weeks              Cost £75.00      

 Application form

Please save me a place on the
 2015 Autumn mindfulness course.
Please tick which way you wish to do the course.

I require a studio place.
I require an email place.

Please tick which way you wish to pay.
I enclose £20.00 deposit full fee to be paid 2 weeks before the course
I enclose the full fee of £75.00

Please make cheques payable to Saraswati Neville.








Application form to be returned to
Saraswati Neville
The Saraswati Yoga Studio
122 Robin Hood Lane
Sm1 2se
Email:          Saraswati@blueyonder.co.uk
tel:               020 8641 1792
website:     www.theyogastudio.org.uk


Some feedback from past participants…

I have gained so much, I live in New Zealand and have completed the course on line. I look forward to the practice and I am surprised at how it has fit into my life and made it much less chaotic.  The rewards are not only mine but my families.  It has been an energising and spiritual experience.     Chandra

I wanted to tell you how beneficial the mindfulness course that I did with you last year, has been for me and how grateful I am still, for your help, insight, support – and persistence! I have continued to practise nearly every day and have come to understand that even though I haven’t done it ‘well’ - as my mind is still all over the place, or I haven’t always managed to sit for very long, I have at least continued to practice (where once I would have given up!) And it has helped me learn how to just be with the thoughts and come to terms with the way I feel.
Angela Mandy

Many thanks for such a wonderful Mindfulness course what an experience I have learnt so much from you I am looking forward to your next course.
I now wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead and sitting on my cushion. I highly recommend this course to anyone, they will never look back as Saraswati is such a good teacher. Patricia Mcloughlin

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this course and the fact that you run them.  Each time I do the mindfulness course I learn a lot and probably relearn things I had forgotten.  This experience has been amazing and I have had so much clarity about a lot of things.  I find myself bringing myself more into the present moment especially when I feel myself getting stressed.  I get to see so much more in the present moment and the wonder of it all. Lila

I am so glad that I signed up to the course with you, Saraswati. Your style and approach is brilliant. Susan

Feedback from halfway during one of the courses
I am really enjoying the course and feeling much less anxious, my husband says my spark has returned!    Chris, email student.

I think this record keeping is a great idea. I am dreadfully forgetful and it helps enormously.  Bernie

I have managed the first week with some difficulty but for the first time in a long time have some optimism that I can actually manage some regular mindful meditation! (I have tried quite a few times before with very little success).     Angela

Have had some good days and some bad days as far as the practice goes, but I am enjoying it very much and am looking forward to whatever the rest of the course involves.      Penny

I found the talk last week really interesting especially the bit about what to expect when meditating and how not to expect that there will be no other thoughts passing through.  For some reason I think this is the expectation I have had of myself. I am loving joining in the class Online, I feel like I am in the studio who everyone else.     Anna

LIFE CHANGING. I've meditated off and on for years, tried breath meditation, body scan, brain wave entrainment and have to say this course was exactly what I've needed for YEARS. It takes work, commitment and can be a bit uncomfortable but REALLY WORKS. I now feel really comfortable in my own skin and confident (well most of the time :-)) I found having a structure and being required to do homework was the thing that made the difference for me. Saraswati teaches with conviction and passion.  I cannot thank her enough.         Mark