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Mother & Baby Yoga

I am sorry but due to Covid 19 retrictions we are not running Mother & Baby classes at the moment.

Please contact Kimaya 07834 402 180


Friday mornings


10.15 - 11.15am for mothers & babies three - twelve months

£6.00 class ... includes refreshments

Please phone to book a place 07834 402180

or email kimaya1974@gmail.com


Our Mother & baby classes have a lovely atmosphere where

mothers practice postures

to nursery rhymes and massage their babies


Baby yoga can help babies to relax,

sleep well and have less digestive complaints


Mothers also benefit because carrying baby can cause back ache

and create bad posture

yoga practice eases aching backs and improves posture


Good posture increases energy and positivity,

both valuable for mothers of young babies

who are often exhausted from lack of sleep



'Mother & baby yoga' is fun for both mother and baby

and relaxing as well



Our classes are a great way for a mother to spend special time with her baby

deepening the bond between them


Mothers also enjoy meeting other women and can share their experiences,

which is often very helpful

Babies also like meeting other babies



It really is a lovely class where the teacher, mums and babies

smile a lot!




Look at our netmums reviews!


on 23/10/15 Amy says:
My 5 month old daughter and I tried this yoga class this morning and loved it. It's very gentle yoga and a welcoming and friendly class. It felt very relaxed and knew that if I had to feed, change or tend to my baby that was totally fine. 
The session is structured so that babies aren't bored with lots of singing and the instructor makes adjustments to suit different mums and babies. 
It's great value for money and very relaxing. I will definitely be going back. Lovely edible treats at the end too!


on 5/4/15Cinzia says:

Amazing class!!! I've been going with my baby since she was 4 months old and she loves it! 
Teacher is very sweet and friendly and she makes you feel at home!


on 4/3/15Lucy says:

I started taking my daughter Florence to Kimaya's mum and baby yoga class when she was 3 months and we both loved it from the outset. Having been to adult classes with Saraswati before I was pregnant, I already knew how peaceful the studio was and going to the baby class proved the same. The class is designed to give mums a chance to get a bit of peace and tranquility doing some gentle yoga, breathing and relaxation, with everything designed to keep baby amused, happy and entertained throughout. Lovely nursery rhymes, ribbons and bubbles keep them very happy! And the 'om shanti, om baby' lullaby is so soothing I still use it to calm Florence down or to help send her off to sleep. We carried on going to the class till she was 10 months old, by which point she was very mobile and on the verge of causing disruption - would have loved to carry on going longer. The smoothies and biscuits at the end of the class are a lovely touch and a good chance to chat to other mums and make friends. Kimaya and Saraswati make you so welcome that I'd really recommend this class to anyone.

Kate says:  30th March 2014
My son and I have been going to baby yoga for the last 6 months - a fantastic regular activity and sad to be stopping as I am heading back to work. Kimaya and Saraswati are amazing - so friendly and generous! Also made some lovely friends.
A great yoga studio, lovely class for mum and baby!

Kirsty says:21st March 2014

My son and I have been attending baby yoga with Rebecca for 6 months and both are sad to have had our last session today! If I wasn't returning to work we would happily continue going until we were kicked out :)
The sessions are well planned out, beneficial to both mum and baby, focussing on relaxation, gentle stretching and entertaining the little ones! My son has grown attached to these sessions and to Rebecca, I will most definitely be returning when I have another baby!
Highly recommended, a friendly fun Friday activity that is guaranteed to wear your baby out and induce a long sleep afterwards :) 

Sarah says:10th March 2014
My son and I love our Friday morning yoga sessions at the Saraswati Yoga Studio. It's so calm and at the same time fun. All the babies are engaged and they love the activities.
The teacher is lovely and goes through all the poses for younger and older babies. There's even juice and biscuits for mums at the end.

Elsa says:7th February 2014

Going to mum and baby yoga every week is just wonderful, I see it as my sanctuary a place where I can relax and my baby (who as reflux and tends to cry a lot) relaxes as well and loves all the positions and the songs, it always makes him smile :) . Rebecca is lovely and very supportive of all the mums and she invests a lot of detail in to the class. All the mums are lovely and at the end we all leave happy and relaxed. Thank you Kimaya and Saraswati ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡

jo says:8th November 2011
Really look forward to baby yoga every week. It's a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere! My baby enjoys it too! All the mums and the yoga teacher are very supportive. Breathing exercises are done with bubbles, so calms mum and keeps baby amused! A lot of thought and planning from Rebecca has gone into making sure both baby and mums experience all the benefits of yoga while keeping it fun and relaxed! Would recommend the class even if yoga has never appealed to you before, as it offers so much more for both you and your baby than the exercise benefits!!

Stacey says:10th October 2011
I took my 5 1/2 month old to yoga and we both really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how it would be for both mum and baby but it was very cleverly devised to amuse babies whilst relaxing mum as well as having fun and relaxing baby.
My little girl especially loved singing
The nursery rhymes. It was nice
Relaxing with tea and biscuits chatting to the mums after too and you’re made to feel very welcome.

Nicola says:5th October 2011
I took my baby along to baby yoga because he was delayed in his development since doing baby yoga he has come on leaps and bounds, the yoga teacher is lovely and makes you feel very welcome. If you want to spend an hour having lots of fun with your baby and improving their development whilst getting some gentle exercise and meeting new mums then I really recommend the Yoga Studio