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Hatha yoga


Hatha yoga practice, which includes breathing exercises,
stretching exercises and relaxation techniques,
seems to have developed at least 1000 years ago,
although its origins are quite obscure.

One of the concepts behind hatha yoga is that in order to experience
true well-being we need to understand and care for our bodies.


Medical research on hatha yoga shows that it can restore health to some,
alleviate illness for others and to some extent slow the ageing process.

The practice of hatha yoga is a powerful preventative medicine.
Regular practice can result in a deep sense of inner security and strength.


Hatha yoga involves working a series of postures that exercise
virtually every part of the body.
And yet no one is too old to practice, for there are gentle poses
as well as the more difficult.
In fact our attitude, rather than the perfection of the pose
is the most important factor.
The Yogabhashya states that
"The posture becomes perfect, when the effort of achieving it vanishes."



The breathing exercises, relaxations, meditations and lots of the postures
are available to all, regardless of age or state of health.

Those who are not so able physically gain greater mobility by practicing the postures
and the ability to control pain by practicing yoga breathing.

Those who suffer emotional swings find balance in the breathing, postures,
meditation and relaxation exercises.

Seekers of self awareness can increase their understanding through hatha yoga practice.


Anyone regardless of their age, state of health or religious belief
can practice and therefore benefit from hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is not a religion.
It is a journey of self discovery and the development of a joyful attitude to life.
It gives us the energy to lead a more fulfilling life.

The self discipline we develop through regular practice

builds up a wealth of inner strength.


Yoga practice induces a sense of well being, which is so desperately needed
by many of us living in a fast, materialistic, competitive and stressful society.

Yoga teaches us how to relax, and once achieved relaxation becomes
more and more a state of being.


Those upsetting complaints that often plague us such as
feeling tired, being overwhelmed by stress, finding it difficult to sleep,
suffering from periods of depression,
or any of the physical problems living often brings us, such as
headaches, backache, upset stomach, can be significantly eased,
or even eradicated by the regular practice of yoga.

Although the practice of yoga cannot take away the ups and downs of our lives,
it can make us stronger physically, emotionally and mentally,
so that we are more able to cope.


Best of all, the graceful postures, slow breathing exercises,
self awareness meditations, and tranquil relaxations
are a pleasure to perform and experience.

Most people say they feel 'wonderful' after a yoga session.

At the studio you can attend any of the main classes. No need to book, you can just turn up.
You may choose to come several times a week, once a week, or once in a blue moon.
Of course the more you practice the better you will feel.