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"Saraswati is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK."

Welcome to the

Saraswati Yoga Studio

we offer day & evening classes

at our studio in Sutton London

You can just turn up without having to book. Please see the 'classes' page for times.


We hope you will find your journey into yoga to be an enjoyable and fruitful one that will lead to a more healthy, energetic and peaceful way of life

 Featured Postures

Neck & Shoulder Exercises


Neck pain can make us avoid normal activities and movement. Unfortunately long term inactivity weakens the neck muscles and reduces the ability of the cervical spine to cope with knocks.



The following exercises strengthen the muscles that support the spine. They also stretch away muscular tightness that causes neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Daily practice can also help to prevent and ease headaches.

Physiotherapists recommend these exercises to patients with neck and shoulder pain, they work best when practiced daily. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain make sure you go gently to begin with gradually building up strength. If you experience extreme dizziness, severe or lasting pain please stop practicing and inform your doctor.


Mother & Baby Yoga Classes

Mother & Baby Yoga

Our Mother & baby classes have a lovely atmosphere where mothers practice postures to nursery rhymes and massage their babies. Baby yoga can help babies to relax, sleep well and have less digestive complaints. Mothers also benefit because carrying baby can cause back ache and create bad posture, yoga practice eases aching backs and improves posture. Good posture increases energy and positivity, both valuable for mothers of young babies who are often exhausted from lack of sleep.
'Mother & baby yoga' is fun for both mother and baby and relaxing. As well as practicing gentle yoga for mother & baby in our class we also do some baby massage. Studies have suggested that massage is good for babies, improving their breathing, circulation, digestion and growth. Baby massage is even claimed to combat postnatal depression. Our classes are a great way for a mother to spend special time with her baby deepening the bond between them. Mothers also enjoy meeting other women and can share their experiences, which is often very helpful. Babies also like meeting other babies. It really is a lovely class where the teachers, mums and babies smile a lot!

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 Positive Thinking


With our thoughts we make the world.

The first words of the Dhammapada, the teaching of Buddha says:-

"All that we are is the results of our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. If we think in a negative way then that negativity will follow us, as sure as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart. If we think in an harmonious way, happiness follows us as sure as our shadow, never leaving us"

It is important for our own well being to train ourselves to let go of our negative thoughts and replace them with more contented positive ones.

This of course does not mean that we passively accept life's injustices. Sometimes we MUST confront bad situations, we must deal with things but then we must let them go - Buddha also said "Letting go is the secret to happiness".


Spring Mindfulness course details are on the events page


Nothing stays still, everything flows

What stays still in your life?

Probably nothing.


Your heart beats,

blood flows through your body.


Your mind thinks,

thoughts flow through your conscious,

sub conscious and unconscious mind.

Memories come and go,

ideas come and go.

Everything flows.


Your breath flows.

You can’t hold on to a breath for very long.

To live is to breathe

and the breath

must flow.


Your emotions fluctuate…

sometimes happy,

sometimes angry,

sometimes sad, sometimes calm.

All the systems of your body,

skeletal, muscular,

immune & lymph

digestive, cardiovascular,

reproductive & elimination,

 respiration, endocrine,

& nervous system...

All the systems of your body

are constantly replenishing, rebalancing.


Everything is moving.


Time flows from minute to minute,

 hour to hour,

day to day,

week to week,

month to month,

year to year,

decade to decade.


Everything is in motion.

Stars, planets, galaxies in motion.


Nothing stays still.


Spring comes and flows into summer,

which flows into autumn,

which flows into winter,

which flows into spring.


And no two spring times

are exactly the same,

and no two moments

are exactly the same.


Nothing stays still.

It might seem like you stay constant,

that you never really change.

But you do, and you are right now.

This ‘you’ of right now, is different

from the ‘you’ of yesterday.

You are constantly changing.

You can’t stay still.


The whole universe is moving

Creating the cosmic dance of life


Nothing stays still, everything flows



 Yoga & Diet

Yoga Diet

For thousands of years yoga masters have taught the importance of good diet. Our body is formed from the food we put in our mouths. The importance of eating well is mentioned in many yogic texts. The masters knew it was important to be aware and temperate with regard to our eating. A very old yogic text called The Bhagavad Gita states 'This yoga is not possible, for the one who eats too much, or who eats too little'.
Another teaching from the 15th century, called The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, warns students to refrain from certain foods claiming they are 'injurious to health', and encourages consuming other types of food for well being. And while some of the advice from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is not in agreement with modern suggestions for healthy eating, the basic idea of being aware of our diet and of eating for 'well-being' was and still is an important part of yoga practice.

 The meaning of OM

Yoga for Mothers-to-be

Pregnancy can be a joyful but also a challenging time. Practising yoga helps pregnant women stay strong, healthy, calm and positive. During pregnancy it is not only safe, it is beneficial to perform gentle to moderate exercise such as hatha yoga. Here are some of the benefits:
Less muscular aches and pains: Less tension :Increased flexibility. Hatha yoga improves posture which lessens the chance of backache while carrying baby and it improves circulation which decreases the risk of varicose veins. Yoga increases muscle strength which is not only good for delivery day but also to support joints that become looser during pregnancy.
Hatha yoga increases energy levels which helps to combat the fatigue pregnant women often experience. Yoga also helps pregnant women maintain a positive self-image .
Yoga breathing exercises help reduce high blood pressure and soothe the nervous system. Breath control enables pregnant women to have more control over labour pains and remain more calm during contractions. Yoga poses lessen headaches, backaches, swollen legs, heartburn and open the pelvic area to encourage an easier birth.

please see the Pregnancy page